Model A Reviews

What users are saying about their Model A?

“I’ve been a Homeopathic Doctor for more than 20 years. During that time, I have bought and used many brands and types of Rife machines and found them lacking. They are usually very costly, but this would be justified if they worked as well as they should. This [has been] very frustrating.

“I bought a used JWLABS Model B-27 …. (because it is a more authentic device)…. After reviewing, I discovered that Model B is also used to create recorded sessions for Model A,
so I had to have one.

“…I have finally found a reliable company. One that produces a user-friendly Rife machine that really works, both for my needs and the needs of my clients. I no longer have the problem of finding the right frequencies, as this machine sweeps all the frequencies, any way I want. JWLABS Model A is an ingenious device that is not expensive….. ”

Richard F., California

“Well, we have nothing but good news to report….Nancy’s pain has been substantially reduced. Her _____ pain has steadily lessened over the past three weeks. This is her leg and lower back pain.

“As for myself, more good news. I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. It’s been giving me fits since last June. Was taking Percocet twice a day. One at night to help me sleep and having to use Aspircream as well. Could not walk the dog without pain and had to wear a support knee brace. Well, no more brace, no more pain pills, and I am walking the dog on a regular basis now. Just incredible!”

Mike and Nancy H., Eagle River, AK

“This is just an email to let you know how much I appreciate the support you [have] given me while I began my use of the model A rife machine. As you know I have candida and have tried for years to rid myself of this ailment with little or no success. Along with candida came a suppressed immune system, which meant that I fell victim to frequent and nearly constant illness. Your device along with your support has changed my life. You are kind and knowledgeable and quite modest about an extremely effective and safe device.

My candida is much less than it was and I expect it to be entirely gone within a relatively short period of time. Also within the first week of having the machine I was able to rid myself of a sinus infection that had been going on for months. I have days where I feel utterly fantastic.

… is always a pleasure to call and speak with either of you. I have only touched on the benefits of the Model A here. I am sincerely grateful to you. Also your minerals ,vitamins, oils, everything I have tried on your web site are of the highest quality.

Thank you!

Janice B., Florida

“I love using the Model A. The Model A is so easy to use, just push the button and off we go. The model has been instrumental in relieving a serious depression. I find I am finally able to exercise again and am starting to make future plans. Also, I notice that this winter, while my whole department was suffering with a cold or flu or both, I had no symptoms at all.

“Thank you, Wright Laboratories.”

Susan G.,  Illinois

Follow-up note:
“Thanks for your coaching. I am delighted to report that the shingles are gone!!”

Susan G.

“May 23, 2005, as I was getting ready to leave for church, without warning, I suddenly lost the use of my thumb, index and middle finger of my left hand. “…. Fortunately, we had purchased the Model A Rife machine and it was due to arrive at our home the very next day. I began using the machine immediately and it took approximately two weeks until I felt the complete use of my fingers was restored to me. Was I ever grateful, because my hand was temporarily useless. After approximately two months use, I am noticing moles and growths shrinking and/or disappearing. My right ankle, which I had injured two years ago and would swell everyday to the point I would need to put my ankle into a raised position, has returned to its normal size, matching my left ankle.

I have been on blood pressure medicine for approximately 20 years and I no longer take the medication since my blood pressure has normalized to a healthy pressure of a young person. This is all such good news for me….. I am very grateful for our machine.”

Beverly R., Oregon

“I would not sell my Model A for $10,000!! Thirty years ago, I had a serious injury to my foot. All these years, I have had no feeling all the way up that leg. After using my Model A for a couple months, I am happy to report that all sensation has returned. It has made a remarkable difference in how I walk. I love this machine!”

Diann C., North Carolina

“I recently used my Model A on my daughter’s cat. It was losing hair around it’s mouth. The vet said it was a sign of an auto-immune disorder. I used track 2 for 3 minutes, and the hair after a week started to grow back. I also did a friend’s cat who had infection from a fight. After two 3-minute sessions, the wounds healed without antibiotics. I regularly use the machine on my horses for cuts.”

Nina, Texas

I truly believed that I made the right decision when purchasing the JWLABS Model A 3.2 in February this year. JWLABS have been providing excellent service when it comes guidance on how to use the device effectively. I have seen some encouraging results and below are the cases that I would like to share with all existing JWLABS users and potential users.

Case 1 (March 12, 2012)

A friend of mine has caught fever for about a week already and I asked him to come over to my house to try out the rife treatment. He told me that he went for medical check-up in a local hospital and was told that it wasn’t the case of dengue. He was given anti-biotics for medication. When I told about the rife machine, he was a bit skeptical initially. He told me that it would be a miracle if the treatment can get rid of the fever. There are lots of little red spot all over his body and he felt itchy all over this body. He also felt tired, sleepy and a bit of runny nose. I got a hunch it was dengue because I saw these symptoms before. I put him under the treatment with the GA CD (Track 2, Track 3 and Track 4) and guess what’s the result after the session? No more runny nose. The following morning, I got a text message from him, saying that he felt a lot better already. The fever has subsided significantly and he felt a lot more energetic.

Case 2 (March 26, 2012)

I told a friend of mine about rife technology sometime back and one fine day I received a call from him. He told me that his wife was hospitalized because of pulmonary edema and it is serious. The doctor at the hospital told her lungs was swelling and infected. I suggested to him to check his wife out from the hospital as it was expensive to stay in private hospital. However, she stayed there for 2 nights and it costs them MYR5000+. I was told that the hospital only gave his wife anti-biotics and sodium chloride to ride out the illness. They only came to me only on the third day. I was told that his wife is supposed to go for a medical checkup in a government hospital tomorrow morning. She was coughing and she feels tired. Must be due to the anti-biotics. I put her under the GA treatment. I ran her through all the tracks :D. The following morning, I received a call from my friend from the hospital. Guess what? He told me that his wife felt energetic that morning before going to the hospital and the doctor told them that there is no more swelling and infection. She was diagnosed as healthy as she can be. The doctor was puzzled because usually patients with this kind of illness do not recover this rapidly. My friend deliberately ask the doctor how this is happening and the doctor answered “Maybe the anti-biotics is too effective”……Yeah…right!!!

That’s all I have to share for now…….more to come

With JWLABS, I will be able to help a lot more people.  Thank you JWLABS

Best regards,

Jimmy L., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Folks need to appreciate the Model A not only as an effective tool for major health challenges but also as a great maintenance tool. For my wife and I, using the Model A has meant almost no flu like symptoms and more energy over the 4 and 1/2 years we have been using the instrument. As well it has been effective at addressing tinnitus, fungus on the feet, actinic keratosis and sinusitus.

For us, the Model A has been a remarkable tool.

Norman Thomas, Ontario, Canada


cherry….after receiving your e-mail, i thought i’d call you and let you that i am well and will soon be 81 at the end of the month. it’s been 7 years since i first talked to you regarding my stage 4 prostate cancer. using your A machine was a major factor in my recovery from cancer….my psa was 103 and today it’s .08… chemo or radiation! since than my major health concern is a bulging disk…..think i should use the rife machine? aloha and thank you for your help.

Alfred M., Hawaii


My experience with the Model A machine provided me with quite impressive results and faster than I would have expected. After my confirmed diagnosis I experienced my first major flare up (or exacerbation) and could not even sit down on the edge of my bed due to nerve pain in my tailbone and experience pain in my hips in order to walk. My gate was off and the numbness feeling was all up and down my arms and legs. My dexterity in my hands was also worsening.


I had started my drug treatment prescribed by my doctor and was told it would take about six months in order for the symptoms o start subsiding. The best results with the drug therapy would be to slow down rate of progression of MS. But it would not stop or heal MS.


Two weeks later I started my therapy with the Model A machine. I knew something had to be taking place in my body because I could feel my nerves move at times involuntary. I continued my daily sessions and altered my applications as advised for six months. By this time my pain for walking had significantly reduced to only when extensive walking was done. And my gate was also improved. I went for a new set of MRI’s as originally recommended by my doctor. The results of the MRI’s showed my lesions were inactive and no new lesions were noted.


It has been seven years since my MS diagnosis and I still have no active lesions nor any new ones. I attribute my success in fighting my MS condition to the Model A machine and really believe it started my recovery process from this debilitating condition. I remain pain free for the last five years and continue my life with little change other than experiencing some fatigue when walking at times and minor numbness in my hands. But I still maintain myself employed and keep a pretty healthy life-style.

May God Bless us all.

Thank you,

Nelson R., Florida


The Psoriasis CDs are showing significant results for my girlfriend. Large areas of her legs are now free of the condition, other areas are showing significant reduction in redness and size, and the stress-induced Psoriasis present on her face for the past year is also reducing dramatically!

I have successfully used the Virus CDs during the past two months to eliminate two separate stye formations on the same eye without the need for the styes to drain. When the last stye occurred just over a week ago, I was simultaneously battling the onset of a cold virus – the stye was eliminated within approximately 36 hours and the cold virus was immediately arrested (a minor sore throat was the only noticeable symptom) and then eliminated within approximately 72 hours.

Dr. Greg T., California