Analog vs. Digital

Making the Most of the Ripple Effect

Frequencies produce harmonics which progress geometrically. The harmonics of a frequency consist of overtones and undertones of that frequency. In a device like our Model B Rife machine frequency generator, the harmonics go on infinitely. The importance of this is not to be underestimated; because with harmonics, not only will you get the effects of the mortal frequency itself, you will also make it difficult for the microbe to elude the frequency. That is, some microbes will mutate (change their frequency signature) in order to avoid the mortal number.

Digitally generated frequency numbers do not vary. This does not occur in nature. Though digital frequency devices can produce frequencies which live in the natural range, they are always mechanically rounded numbers. Keep in mind, there simply are no digital microbes! There is no digital flesh. Living things are comprised of frequencies which ripple out infinitely.

The body more readily assimilates analog frequency because the signal has infinite depth….an infinite number of digits past the decimal point.

Model B Rife machine provides an old-fashioned, highly resonant style of analog which virtually does not exist anymore. Furthermore, it provides you with the ability to sweep through entire ranges of frequencies known to be effective with viruses and bacteria.

Model A Rife machine utilizes frequency sessions which have been carefully tuned from Model B.
With it’s tremendously fast sampling rate, Model A delivers the full harmonics . It is a solid- state equivalent to Model B.

Click HERE for specifications of our state-of-the-art Model A Rife machine.

note: This work is to be considered experimental, and individual results may vary.