To understand the history of Wright Laboratories, it is essential that you know a bit about John Wright himself. The son of an inventor, he was trained from an early age to question, research, analyze and design. He soon became an accomplished inventor in another industry.

Owner, John Wright

In his design of our products, Wright expresses both his brilliance as an engineer and his sensitivity as an artist.

Aware for many years that our own military has been using frequency for various applications, he long held the vision of using frequency to enhance health and well-being.

In 1987 Wright was approached by friends of Dr. Rife. They offered their notes and schematics – much of which had been held in secret for many years. They had the plans. But they did not have machines. Thus they commissioned John Wright to produce them.

This marked the beginning of what was to become a passionate commitment. Upon studying Dr. Raymond Rife’s notes, it became clear to Wright that the analog signal was essential to producing the results for which Rife was known. Applying his knowledge of physics, coupled with an insatiable drive for perfection, Wright then proceeded to execute a design which married the best of the old and the finest of the new technologies.

There were many who told him that he could not do what he was attempting. That it could be done easier…. or cheaper…or faster. As he patiently demonstrated to his engineers the scientific reasoning to his design concepts, they became convinced of the “rightness” of his thinking. As a result, Wright’s elegant solution to the Rife technology remains unsurpassed.