JWLABS – Setting the Standard in the Industry

JWLABS has been building quality Rife frequency instruments since 1987.

If you are looking for Rife machines built with integrity and outstanding customer support, you have come to the right place!

John Wright  at the microscope with customers

People who order Rife machines from JWLABS have done their homework. They understand that these devices are for experimental use, and they sign an agreement to that effect.

We have a personal relationship with our customers. In order to best serve you, we must have an under-standing of your needs, as well as your ability to handle the instruments safely and effectively.

For this reason, we do not sell our products online. Please call us to place your order. Once we have received your Customer Agreement and your payment, we will process your order promptly.

We will gladly walk you through your first week of sessions, and we are available for ongoing coaching as you progress through your sessions. Our carefully selected supplements work hand-in-hand with the Rife machine to support your resistance to infection, as well as optimum immune function.

Over the years, Wright Laboratories has evolved from a one-man operation to a team of experts working together to produce the finest products in the industry. JWLABS products are now assembled by highly skilled ISO-9000 certified contractors in the USA.

Furthermore, we work diligently with customers in a level of customer support that is unequaled in the industry.

JWLABS with visitors from Spain

Today, Wright Laboratories is recognized internationally as the producer of the finest in Rife-type instruments. Years ago, our customers in Germany reported that our Model B out performed a $25,000 digital machine they had been using!

Historically, Wright Laboratories has produced a working model for others to use as an example. Now, with Model A, we have developed a solid-state equivalent to the finest analog device.

For Wright Laboratories, it is not enough to have the longest machine in manufacture. It is not enough to produce the machine that is best known – used in many countries, by private users and clinicians alike.

Our vision is and always has been to make quality Rife therapy affordable enough for the patient to take home.

This is an idea whose time has come!