JWLABS Tactio®

Tacio is sensory Rife Machine technology

Experiencing Tactio

Tactio® is a registered trademark of Wright Laboratories. It represents a new division which will offer products based on JWLABS’ decades-long experience with frequency technology.

The first of these products will be an entertainment device. The premier Tactio product will deliver a new dimension to music. Audio and video have long played a major role in our lives….our Tactio device will turn your favorite music into a multi-sensory experience. You will benefit from audio-range frequency applied directly to the body.

As an introduction to this unique sensation, JWLABS’ Model A is equipped to provide you with the Tactio Experience. For a preview of this delightful modality, call us for instructions on how to use your machine in this way.

The next generation of the Tactio device will be much smaller, and very affordable. Though it will not replace the Rife machine, it will provide a distinctively pleasurable experience as well as frequencies long known to be safe and beneficial to the body.

Expand your senses!

Feel the music!
Experience the power!