We live in a world marked by radical change –not just in the realm of technology, but in the very way we perceive ourselves and our possibilities.

In times like these we need help discerning fact from fiction, hyperbole from real science, and rhetoric from true intentions. We strive to provide you with some secure stepping stones along the way.

If you are ready to think outside the box, you have come to the right place! Many of us are being challenged in more than one realm, and it is incumbent upon us to keep informed. At the same time, what we once relied upon for “News ” is often reduced to misinformation, misdirection, or tittilation.

We are left wondering whom to trust and where to seek our solutions. We know that you are looking for more than cheap thrills and passing trends. Some of you have your lives in your hands due to health crises you are already facing.

Take a few moments to browse our resources offered here. See if you recognize some kernels of truth. Discover that each source builds on one another, producing a selection of choices which may seem more sensible than what is being offered to you by conventional approaches.

We are not practitioners, and we do not make claims about products offered here (See disclaimer.). We strive, however, to remain awake to common sense solutions which may be helpful to you and yours.

Come back for updates, as we will be adding to our resources regularly.

We will help you to Stay Tuned!

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