Rife Machines

Many manufacturers and representatives of other Rife frequency instruments provide for direct on-line purchases. While we do offer on-line purchasing of other products via our new storefront, we strongly prefer to have a personal relationship with our customers who wish to employ Rife technology. This often proves to be essential in that we can help you to clarify your needs, as well as your understanding of this remarkable technology.

Our Model A Rife machine in use

JWLABS Model A Rife machine

If you are merely shopping for price, we may not be the ones for you. Not because we are over-priced (In fact, Model A Rife machine is priced in the mid-range or lower, compared to other devices.), but because price point is often not the best measure of the highest quality instrument. Nor does it clarify what is the best choice for your needs.

It may surprise you to know that we have numerous customers who have ordered digital machines, with prices ranging from $2500 – $6,000 only to return them to the seller to purchase Model A. (In some cases, three or more hours on these machines has proven to be less effective than much shorter sessions on Model A.)

When you order Model A from JWLABS, you are hiring us to build a machine for your personal experimentation, and you must sign an agreement to that effect.

Please call Customer Service to ask any questions you may have, and we will e-mail or fax the Customer Agreement form which must accompany your order.

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