Concentrated Flax Lignans

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- 180 capsules
- 90 day supply

Highly concentrated lignan extract derived from organically grown flax seed.

90% pure flax seed lignans and 10% flax seed oil, delivered in vegetarian capsules.

Flax lignans, also known as polyphenols, contain secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) in a concentration 75 to 800 times greater than the amount in other vegetarian foods. In addition, this product contains significant numbers and amounts of amino acids.

These are the building blocks of protein. Just one gram (2 capsules) contains more SDG than 70 grams of flax seed. All of the essential amino acids, as well as many other amino acids, are present improper proportion to each other. A deficiency in amino acids can lead to a number of physical and mental disorders.

Price: $84.95

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