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- Ionic Liquid
- 16 oz. Bottle
- 100mg/serving
- 32 servings
- 1 month supply
This ionic liquid is in concentrated form. Each serving contains 1000mg magnesium as germanium sesquioxide.
Contains no artificial colors, flavors, sugars, stimulants, or other additives. No animal testing or animal by-products. Manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility.
This dietary supplement is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Germanium came to the attention of the health industry as a result of the work of Dr.Kazuhika Asai of Japan in 1950. He measured the germanium content of various plants, and he noted particularly high levels in plants that have been used traditionally in Chinese medicine.(9)

Germanium is an oxygen catalyst, an antioxidant, an electro-stimulant, and an immune enhancer. (2)

Organogermanium sesquioxide induces interferon gamma (IFN-gamma), enhances natural killer cell activity, and inhibits tumor and metastatic growth.(6)


Dietary Sources of Germanium:

Ginger, aloe vera, comfrey, garlic, shitake mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, tuna, and oysters.


More Information About Germanium
1) Germanium May Help Address Sleep Issues

One of the main functions of germanium is to increase the use of oxygen by your body's tissues, which stimulates your cells to produce energy. Researchers found that germanium reduces the spread of cancer by slowing down the process that causes cancer cells to multiply. Although germanium enhances the action of oxygen in your cells, it also acts as an antioxidant. sed alongside zinc, germanium has an even greater protective effect against free radical damage. Germanium stimulates the production of gamma interferon, a potent immune molecule. CONTAINS REFERENCES.

2) Germanium: The Missing Element

This remarkable nutrient is an oxygen catalyst, antioxidant, electro-stimulant, and immune enhancer. Many researchers believe that germanium exhibits a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system in cancer patients. Germaniium normalizes metabolic functions by decreasinghigh blood pressure and cholesterol levels. CONTAINS REFERENCES.

3) Germanium Research

Links to research on organic Germanium.

4) Alternatives in Cancer Therapy- Germanium 132

Organic germanium restores the function of T-cells, B-lymphocytes, natural killer cell activity, and the numbers of antibody-forming cells. Many of the important herbs and medicinal plants used traditionally in healing all contain significant amounts of germanium. The amount of germanium in a given plant differs according to the quality of the soil in which it grows; and adding germanium to the soil enhances plant growth. Shelf fungus contains the highest amounts of organic germanium.

5) Germanium Sesquioxide Demonstrates Efficacy in Cancer Treatment

The Goji berry is one of the few plants in the world that contains naturally occurring cancer-fighting germanium sesquioxide, a semi-conductive element found in food,  plants, peat and coal deposits, and the earth's crust. The berry has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicinefor its germanium sesquioxide properties. Because cancer cells multiply at a furious pace, their "electric potentials" are high and undergo extremely rapid changes. Germanium sesquioxide, however, acts to lower the "electric potential" of cancer cells by taking away their electrons.This, in turn, suppresses the activity of abnormal (cancer) cells and also keeps cancer from spreading. CONTAINS REFERENCES.

6) Facts About Germanium Sesquioxide: I Chemistry and Anti-Cancer Properties

This paper reviews the history, chemistry, safety, toxicity, and anti-cancer effects of the organogermaniu- bis(2-carboxethylgermanium) sesquioxide (CGES). CGES induces interferongamma (IFN-gamma), enhances natural killer cell activity, and inhibits tumor and metastatic growth - effectsoften detectable after a single oral dose. In addition, oral consumption of CGES is readily assimilated and rapidly cleared from the body without evidence of toxicity. SCIENTIFIC PAPER.

7) Facts About Germanium Sesquioxide II: Scientific Error & Misrepresentation

A combination of a publication error, careless writing, and reliance upon secondary sources, seems to be responsible for the neglect of the potential clinical use of this unique germanium compound. SCIENTIFIC PAPER.

8. Germanium Cellular Nutrition

Germanium and Silicon share some of the same attributes. Germanium has somewhat of a blood thinning effect by inhibiting calcium and increasing phosphorous. Calcium is the most potent germanium antagonist, with phosphorous being synergisitic with germanium.


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