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Delia # Posted on July 31, 2012 at 11:04 pm

John — I know what you are trying to deal with. I’ve also seen much of what you discuss on the ‘net. It is a shame for sure. And, as you know, difficult to deal with and overcome. I’ve been a believer in electro-medicine since back some time in the 1990′s. I first built Hulda Zapper and used it to get rid of some parasites — yes, it worked — evidence in 2 days! Not long after that, I went the route of building Beck’s machines — his blood pulser, modified to use optical couplers rather than a relay, and also the magnetic pulser — a souped-up version. Both have worked well for a number of health-related issues.Right now, I am looking at a Rife Machine of some sort based on some of my own ideas. Your Model A does look fine — a design similar to what I was contemplating for the basic operation. Being an electrical engineer, I am still contemplating building one of my own. It would be along the lines of yours — not one of the RF/”glow-tube” versions. From my investigation, one does not need that. I probably will give you or some of your folks a call to discuss the possibility of acquiring one of your units. I had not considered the use of CDs for input wave forms. I had planned to use a signal generator (analog) that I have as the input, and possible programmability as a later improvement. I would hope that I could do that with the Model A if I chose to do so rather than the input from a CD player.Keep up the good work. It is a struggle, but we will get there. The theory is correct and proven. The problems are the medical and government establishments and those in it for a quick buck.Until later — Watson