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cherry # Posted on May 13, 2012 at 7:43 pm

Hello Monica,

We appreciate your interest in this remarkable work. You may have noted on our web site that we have been building fine Rife frequency instruments for nearly 25 years. Until 2004, we offered only the original-style machine. This was very close to what Dr. Rife used in his early days. Fully analog (with vacuum tubes), it was a machine that required that you manually tune your frequencies.

We still have many happy customers who would not part with their Model B. However, most people do not have the patience to sit and tune their own frequencies. These folks elect to trade up to the Model A. Our Model A is a solid-state equivalent to that old-fashioned Model B. In short, it represents a major breakthrough in the technology.

It is far superior to devices that are digitally generating the frequencies, so you can expect it to out-perform most other machines in the marketplace.

John Wright has skillfully tuned the frequencies from the old Model B. With Model A, you plug into a cd player and choose your frequencies like you would choose a song on a music cd. The frequencies are on the cd and adapted back to direct current via Model A. Much easier to use. Portable.
A fraction of the price of Model B. But without sacrificing any of the power, versatility, or reliability of the older machine.

To further answer your question about frequencies as related to specific conditions, keep in mind that there is much more to it than just electrocuting the pathogens. Many other important changes are taking place, including improving the detox action of your cells. We can discuss this at more length in a call. We will also be presenting more material on our blog.

Keep in mind that we are advised not to share everything we know about the benefits. We must not appear to be making claims. As long as we are permitted to share our customers’ testimonials in their own words, we will let their stories speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, and let us know when we can be of further assistance.

Best regards, Cherry