JWLABS Rife Machine

JWLABS has been building and supporting fine frequency instruments since 1987. Our original-style Rife machine (Model B) set the standard in the industry for many years, and serves as the source for full-bodied analog frequencies for the state-of-the-art Model A. Our machines deliver safe, effective frequencies which sweep through the entire therapeutic range. From detox numbers to parasites, bacteria to fungus, virus to mycoplasma, our skillfully tuned frequency sessions deliver optimum power and a most potent signal.

Model A Rife Machine

Model A Rife machine is user friendly

In addition to having done his homework before embarking on this venture, John Wright has been learning with his customers for over two decades. In that time, he has provided unparalleled customer support, ensuring the most effective results. His skill in helping customers address the nuances of their situation has helped to ensure their continuing success and safety with their machines.

Our customers understand (and declare in writing) their understanding that these instruments are for experimental use only. It is in this context that they acquire, utilize, and seek coaching in the use of their devices.

Nature of the signal:

No digital machine can match the all-inclusive nature of the frequencies Model A produces. Providing full harmonics in a solid-state format represents a breakthrough in Rife technology, without sacrificing the benefits of the old-style analog device.

Why is this important to you? It has to do with the actual potency of the signal. And also with the extraordinary coverage of the frequency ranges. It is legitimate to say that our Model A is actually capable of delivering trillions of frequencies. And the nature of the signal is consistent with what is most effective.

Reliability of Model A:

Mode A Rife machine full photo

JWLABS Protecting wellness

Our lifetime replacement warranty reflects our confidence in the ongoing reliability of our machine. The percentage of failures is extremely small, and we provide for that possibility. There are many advantages to the solid-state technology we employ; you will observe that the circuit boards are surface mounted to the back side of the faceplate. In general, these boards do not fail unless they become wet or corroded.

In short, we have never had a circuit board failure, with the exception of a couple which were corroded with battery acid. (Batteries were left unattended and the leakage caused certain disaster.)

The electrode wires are subject to wear and tear, and they are easily replaced. It is important to keep the electrode wires and the jacks clean, to not put pressure on the jacks. Also important not to put any foreign objects into the jacks.

JWLABS’ commitment:

Producing the finest instrument is just part of our responsibility. And we do that with pride. We also feel a moral obligation to be available, as needed, for follow-through. We encourage our customers to get a personal walk-through on their machine before embarking on their sessions. Furthermore, we strongly advise that they call us each week, at least in the beginning, to report their reactions to sessions. Model A is a very straightforward device. It never needs recalibration. Our design is intended to bring you many years of satisfaction, and our customer support reinforces this commitment.The customer’s subjective observations, as well as certain basic data, can provide key information which will be instrumental in providing direction for future use. This also gives us the opportunity to review standard cautions, as well as to emphasize information which may be uniquely essential to the safety and well-being of each user.

Our machines have been manufactured in the US for twenty-five years. We feel that we have a responsibility to continue that tradition in the face of the decades-long decline of real goods manufactured in our country. When you order from us, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting productivity in our own country. Needless to say, we also routinely ship overseas.