Rife FAQs

What is pH and why should I be concerned about it?

There is much good material on this subject worthy of your review,
but we will address this here briefly.

pH Matters

To measure your pH is to assess your acid/alkaline balance. Though the most accurate test is via blood plasma, you can estimate the pH balance of your fluids by using litmus paper.

We recommend testing saliva pH, partly because it is practical; but also because it is a clearer reflection of the fluid pH. Remember, the urine test measures the fluids exiting your body. We are interested in the pH of the fluids retained in your body.

It is important to note that most disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment! Conversely, a long-term (chronic) acidic condition may give rise to opportunistic infection and/or immune compromise.

Because of this, we recommend that you monitor your pH cycle and learn to modify it with diet, exercise, and water consumption.

Strive for an average pH of 7.0 to 7.2.

This does not mean that you will always be in that zone. It is normal to vary throughout the day, sometimes ranging as much as two whole points.

Try taking your pH measurement 6-8 times a day for 2-3 days. Note the time of day of each measurement. Record what you have eaten, if anything. This will provide your average pH, and it will also reveal that you have peaks and valleys. These fluctuations may be consistent in terms of time of day.

Simple home remedies may be effective in raising your pH. Squeezing lemon or lime into your drinking water may be helpful. Another solution may be apple cider vinegar (preferably organic). These substances, though highly acidic, are alkaline-reacting in the body.

An emergency measure to be considered if you are locked in to a low pH level (This is called acidosis.),
is bicarbonate of soda.

We suggest non-aluminum baking soda only. This should not be used for an extended time, but it may prove helpful in achieving the balance required to proceed with the use of the Rife machine.

It may also help you to feel a bit more energized.
Some people even report a reduction of pain once their pH rises.

Certain supplements may also be helpful in attaining a balanced pH, most notably minerals, vitamin C, green drinks, marine phytoplankton, etc.

What is a Rife machine?

The Rife machine is a research instrument. It is used by experimenters — practitioners and private users alike — to assist in making chemical changes in the body. Many have shown it to strengthen the immune system. It has also been reported to be effective in treating many health conditions.

Model B-27 v7

In the late 1920s and early 1930s Dr. Royal Raymond Rife – using a frequency generator – applied frequency to living viruses and bacteria and learned that he could eliminate them. Thanks to his careful documentation of this work, we now have many conditions with which we can confidently experiment using frequency application.

We use the term experimentation deliberately, as this method has not been approved in the US for treatment with humans. (Note that it has, however, been approved for use in veterinary applications.)

A true Rife machine, of course, is one made by Dr. Rife himself.
All others must be considered Rife-type devices. The most effective of these devices delivers an analog signal.

Model A 3.1

Wright Laboratories began research and development with this technology in 1987 and offered the first production Model B Rife machine in 1988. Our Model B is, strictly speaking, an audio frequency instrument. It delivers frequency in the audio range, the range in which Dr. Rife worked. Because this device is analog, the machine also delivers harmonics well beyond the audio range.

Both of our devices provide you with the ability to sweep through entire ranges of frequencies known to be effective for viruses and bacteria.

Note: Model B has been retired. Model A now provides full-function analog frequency sessions which have been recorded from Model B.

What are contraindications for using a Rife frequency therapy?

This is an important question, in that there are basic cautions and individual reactions may vary. If there is an undiagnosed condition, for instance, the administration of current to the body may reveal it.

It is important not to underestimate the power of the Model A; and for this reason we urge our users to be conservative in their approach, especially in the beginning. It is possible to create temporary ill effects from too aggressively killing micro-organisms, or by releasing toxins from the tissues too fast.

It is also important to not leave the patches in one place for too long, as some people may be more sensitive to a burning effect. People with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure often benefit immensely from their sessions, but they must monitor their readings as usual.

Current should never be applied directly over the heart. Current should never be applied above the neck without very specific coaching and support. Because we cannot respond to general questions in a comprehensive way, we prefer that you contact us personally for elaboration on this issue.

Please bear in mind that our coaching is offered in the spirit of assisting you in your personal experimentation. We are not practitioners, and we do not provide medical advice.

Can I use a Rife machine if I am not ill?

Frankly, we would prefer that our machines be used by people without a given health condition!

By that, I mean that many people find us when they are already ill, sometimes gravely. These situations are more delicate and require extraordinary commitment by the user. It is essential to remember that we offer our machines and our services on an experimental basis and that we cannot fully anticipate an individual’s reaction.

We feel strongly that we would all be better off using these machines as a protective measure. We are faced with countless health concerns arising from our environment, our food and water supply, vaccinations, side effects of medication, etc. It is our opinion that this technology represents a powerful tool in the endeavor for sustaining health and wellness, vitality, and graceful living.

We hope you will consider this machine an ally in protecting your family from threats to total wellness, whether by infection or toxicity.

Many have reported a hastening of recovery from bites and other injuries. Reduction of pain, improvement of energy and stress tolerance. A resistance and resilience when exposed to infectious disease, and an overall sense of well-being.

Call us to learn more about what our Model A users are saying!

What kind of support is available to me?

We instruct you, from the very beginning, how to use your Model A safely. We encourage you to keep a journal (your personal lab notes) so you can report to us the effects you observe. This information may prove helpful in making suggestions to you about how to proceed.

You can also find JWLABS videos on You Tube.
Go to www.youtube.com/jwlabs

Sometimes you may find it sufficient to drop us a short e-mail with a question or two. We maintain extended customer service hours, however, to accommodate your schedule.

Overseas customers can also schedule a call via Skype.

How can I introduce my friends and family to Rife technology?

Many people ask this, because it is our natural inclination to want to share a good thing.

First, you must become familiar and competent with your machine. With Model A, this will come to you quickly. We have provided two electrode jacks , so an excellent way to share the experience is to be on the machine at the same time as your loved one.

The person who is most sensitive to the feeling of the current should be in charge of the amplitude knob. You will proceed conservatively, just as we did when we brought you on board.

It is strongly advised that you present this remarkable tool to your loved ones as an experimental device. You are to make no claims about what you think it is possible to accomplish. Invite them to educate themselves by perusing our web sites and You Tube channels. Give them a sense of the history, as they will wonder why they have not heard about Rife technology is it is such a good thing.

Your Model A is equipped to provide the Tactio® experience. This puts the technology in a whole different realm. Presented as an entertainment device, it is generally accepted with enthusiasm. In fact, youngsters may develop a positive addiction!

To learn more about the Tactio® experience, click here.

When all is said and done, why should I choose JWLABS for my Rife machine?

JWLABS has been a leader in the industry for many years. We have been manufacturing the finest quality instruments since 1987, and we excel in customer support. When you purchase a device from us, you will find that we are available as needed to support you in using your machine effectively and safely.

We are your partners in your personal laboratory. John Wright extends his personal lifetime warranty on each instrument. With the exception of damage due to neglect or abuse, he will repair or replace the instrument at no charge.

* A solid history of research and design and production in the USA.
* Straightforward instruments built with integrity.
* Warranty unmatched in the industry.
* Exceptional customer support.

We continue to develop the kinds of goods and services we think will most benefit you, so your feedback is important to us. Working together, we are bringing forth an idea whose time has come!

What is Tactio®?

JWLABS Model A comes equipped with Tactio capability for your entertainment pleasure.

You will connect to your device as for a normal session, but instead of your JWLABS frequency recording, you will select a favorite music cd to place in your player. You will need a headphone with an in-line volume control in order to have your cd player at maximum volume without injuring your ears.

Play the music cd, listen to yur favorite tunes, and simultaneously feel the frequencies of the music dance through your body! It is a bit of a thrill. The fact is, we have seen changes in the live blood sample that are similar to what we see in regular sessions.

We concluded years ago that the safest way to deliver current to the body is with audio frequencies (Unlike broadcast machines which employ radio frequencies, including microwave numbers.). When John Wright first entertained the possibility of building Rife machines, he conceptualized this marvel to be named Tactio®. It has been offered in several formats over the years in order to test the market.

It was greeted with such enthusiasm that he was unable to retrieve his test units from the field! Whether you prefer calming meditation music, vigorous classical, or rock and roll, you are in for a treat when you use your Model A for the Tactio® experience!

Stay Tuned….we are developing a device to be used solely as Tactio®. You will be able to say that you were the first on your block!!

How do I order?

Please call Cherry at Customer Service to discuss your concerns and get your questions answered.

Cherry will provide the Customer Agreement which must accompany your Model A order. You can also discuss with her any accessories or advanced recordings you wish to acquire Once your order is received, we typically ship within three business days.

Please do your homework until you feel confident about your decision. We do not provide a money-back guarantee, as we prefer to support you in achieving the results you desire.

We are truly your partners in your personal experimentation with this remarkable technology!

Why is an analog device important to me?

There seems to be great debate in the industry about which is better — an analog or a digital device. It could be argued that digital is more accurate, because when you tune in to 125, for instance, you get 125 and only that.

In another respect, however, (and this is critical) analog is more accurate because it is in many ways “more natural” frequency. It includes the sub- tones and overtones to the base number, providing a maximized fullness, essentially a richness of tonal qualities. A very big part of that is what is called the harmonics. An audiophile understands this. Those who desire only “true” sound on their stereo systems insist on analog devices for just this reason.

I sometimes use the analogy of throwing a pebble into a pond. You hear and see the “plunk”. You can also observe the ripples moving outward from the point of impact. With digital equipment, you get the “plunk”. With analog you get the ripples as well! This is more consistent with the true nature of living things.

Dr. Rife worked exclusively with analog devices, as digital technology did not exist in his time. Furthermore, what is often lost in the history of the machine is the fact that Rife used the analog transducer to power his ray-tube type devices. Thus, he was using them before, during, and after the ray-tube accessory. He is better known for his ray devices because he talked about them more. He talked about them (and was frequently photographed with them) because he needed to sell other researchers on his theory, and the ray tube lent itself to more effectively demonstrating his theory. (Also – and this is significant – the transducer was already patented! The ray tube, was indeed, his invention.)

Wright Laboratories is the only company which produces instruments which are true to the original devices Rife used. Those who have used digital machines — then try our analog machine — report a marked difference in results.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Those who purchase and use our machines understand that the manufacturer cannot guarantee results. Rather, we can only guarantee the quality of the device.

Your Model A carries a factory warranty of 90 days. However, John
Wright stands behind every machine we have made. In the unlikely event that your machine requires repair, you will be liable only for the shipping cost to and from the manufacturer. The cost of parts is likely to be nominal and may or may not be passed on to you at the discretion of the manufacturer. There will be no charge for labor except in the event of a machine being tampered with or handled carelessly.

We do not have a return policy. If, after accepting delivery of your machine, you change your mind – for whatever reason, we do not take the instrument back.

Note that if you are looking for a used machine to purchase, these become available only rarely. Typically when a customer purchases our machine, it becomes not simply a device used to address a health crisis, but an integral part of the family’s maintenance program.

How do JWLABS machines differ from ray tube devices?

Broadcast machines create a magnetic field inside the bulb. This field is then pulsed to you. Or broadcast. In the same way you might try to use a light bulb for heat, it is very inefficient because it radiates in all directions, wasting most of the power and effects. Our direct contact machines create the magnetic field inside you. Nothing is lost this way.

The body is a semiconductor. Even when there are obstructions in the body (resistance), the magnetic field created by the flow of current will affect surrounding tissue as well. We have the current and the full effects of current (which are myriad) in the original analog signal, tune-able to precise mortal numbers.

Broadcast devices cannot produce these effects. Simple as that. Digital ones even less. If it were central to the therapy, we would make an analog-based tube attachment for Model B, the same way Rife did it. But it is more trouble and expense than it is worth for the majority of serious users.

Transducers existed before/during/after Rife’s work. He used the ray tube as an accessory in order to prove the theory of frequency. In other words, it was essentially used for demonstration purposes. It was very effective in delivering the frequency to the microscope, allowing him to isolate the frequencies which were mortal to the microbes. The transducer, however, is the device that was used for practical application.

The ray tube does deliver frequency, but that’s all! It does not produce ionization, polarization or microbial electrocution. The transducer is the fundamental instrument.

It is John Wright’s opinion that machines which use the ray tube are simply based on incomplete data. They are not powerful enough. They are too expensive for what you get. He estimates that one hour on most ray tube type machines is equal to about five minutes on the Model A or Model B.

Furthermore, ineffective treatment of some chronic or “terminal” diseases may result in enough adaptation of the surviving microbes to make them more difficult to destroy in the future! Another good reason to choose JWLABS for your Rife frequency instrument!

How is the frequency applied?

Model A 3.1

Via electrode patches.

The beginner generally uses the patches in the palms of the hands. This location, and the soles of the feet, are the safest places to apply the current. There are numerous other techniques we can teach you via our Customer Support program.

Can the frequency harm healthy cells? What about the “friendly bacteria”?

The cellular walls of human cells are millions of times stronger than the walls of the micro-organisms we are seeking to electrocute. Though our devices are very powerful instruments, they do not deliver enough power to damage human cells.

Model A 3.1

With respect to “friendly” intestinal flora, for example, it is likely that much would be eliminated after some measure of consecutive treatments. This is particularly true if the user was applying to the abdominal area pretty rigorously.

However, it is our opinion that with the accompanying die-off of the undesirable bacteria (Candida, for example) the terrain is altered in such a way that the friendly bacteria can quickly replicate and soon replace itself. Supplementation with pro-biotics may also be helpful if this is a concern. In general, this is a good idea anyway.

We would be glad to discuss these questions at greater length, and if you elect to become a JWLABS customer, you will have access to more material that may be of interest to you.

Will Model A provide the benefits of analog frequency?


JWLABS Model A represents a breakthrough in Rife technology in that it has eliminated the need for the expensive hardware required for an analog device.

With this solid-state instrument, you still have the advantage of the full resonance of frequencies which originated from our Model B.

Without revealing proprietary information, suffice to say that Model A has a tremendously fast sampling rate. This means that when using this device, you literally have trilliions of frequencies (by virtue of the harmonics) available to you.

Is Model A powerful enough to produce the results I want?

Model A is powerful enough to treat a horse. Yet sensitive enough to treat a mouse. With a maximum potential output of 64-68 volts, Model A is twice as powerful as Dr. Rife’s most powerful devices.

This machine has virtually replaced our famed Model B. It is a solid-state equivalent to the larger unit, so for the last few years, people have been getting the same results, or better.

JWLABS Model A represents a new generation of Rife devices.

How do I use Model A?

Model A is extremely user-friendly. We personally walk you through your first few sessions on the phone, and we guide you through subsequent sessions, as needed. We also provide a video tutorial. These instructions can also be accessed online.

Model A connects to your cd player (or computer)which sends the frequencies of choice to the machine. Model A will operate on four AA batteries, though we recommend that you use the AC adapter which comes with the machine when this is feasible.

You will be instructed on how to connect electrode wires, how to manage the amplitude knob, and how to connect to your media player. First sessions are usually with the patches on the palms of the hands, though there are other techniques we can teach you as you become more accomplished with your machine.

We emphasize that this is an experimental device, and each new user signs an agreement to that effect. You must approach this as your personal experimentation. Be prepared to take notes so you can document your effects.