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  • Treating Constipation with JWLABS’ Model A
    Constipation – Treating with JWLABS Model A at Liver 13 Acupuncture Point I’ve had great results addressing constipation using the location of the acupuncture point, Liver 13 – on the right side, with the JWLABS Model A-3 Rife Machine. I used the Liver protocol with all four levels. During the very last five minutes of […]
  • The Day I Found JWLabs – My Lucky Day
    Almost fifteen years ago I came across a book about a microscope inventor and researcher called Royal Rife who seemed to have demonstrated that microorganisms each had a unique mortal frequency, and would die if exposed to them. He had demonstrated some of the potential of this discovery. Intrigued and amazed, I then began a […]